Things You Should Know to Improve OS and Network Security

Today most of us depend on the internet and the computer for some tasks that we have to perform for the duration of our day-to-day life and business activities. Starting with online news, information, and developments we use the world wide web for online transactions, education-related information, medical information, and a large number of other items.

With the progress of technology, there are innumerable other gadgets too that have to show up which use the web to function.  Internet isn’t just for convenience rather sometimes it also allows malicious agents like hackers and cybercriminals who mean to infect your PC with the ulterior motive of stealing data after which befooling users.

Online threats for example viruses, malware, spyware yet others pinpoint the main system (OS) and also the network of your respective PC plus using this method causes huge problems for the info and software. In order to avoid such threats, you need to update yourself with certain aspects as discussed below.

First of all, let’s know what is definitely an OS intended for and how it functions. All the PC users have heard this term as it is used frequently and is also a standard computer-related term. The OS is an essential component of one’s PC that is required to process data quickly. While you use 2 or more than two OSes, you will need a Local Area Network (LAN) when it comes to sharing data. Wide Area Network (WAN) can be used to get in touch LANs thereby the web of PCs connected through LAN and WAN forms the web.

The computers positioned in various parts worldwide are notified by using an Internet Protocol (IP) address. Computers exchange data and contact the other using the internet.   As we know that the net also has also certain negatives in addition to its aforesaid benefits. A small problem could prove disastrous for PCs connected to the internet. It is no secret that data exchanged through the web has got to cross various gateways before reaching the final destination. Because of these reasons, internet surfers need to employ or enhance security at every one of the points where data must move through.  It is of great significance for those internet users to learn and understand all of the platforms from which data could possibly be initiated while using the internet.

Port and Addresses  

The Internet Protocol is identified as having a unique number on which several things depend such as the target PC where your data has to be delivered. The transfer of internet data takes place through dedicated port numbers assigned inside os.   Online criminals or hackers linked to phishing or online fraud usually pretend to are part of a genuine or genuine organization. In such cases, if the user knows about the IP address or the port number the guy can prevent such incidents. By having knowledge about fake IP addresses, the person can foresee the incident thereby stop such miscreants from committing e-mail fraud.


A firewall can be an essential security component that performs a lot of important things aside from filtering unknown data packets coming via the web. In order to keep harmful things at bay, it distinguishes networks, protects the PC identity, and authorizes data.   It is recommended to make it possible for the firewall at two points including one in the network and also others in the local main system. Once enabled, it filters out unwanted and malicious data and prevents them from entering into it. It makes it difficult for hackers to infect the PC as well as keeps the identity in the PC secret.


Let’s attempt to know what is supposed by way of a server. A specific PC that is used to gain access to the internet, store and retrieve data, talk with customers, perform programmed functions and supply platform allow printers, is known as a server.   For better protection from the servers, it is suggested to place them in a room or place that is least subjected to natural calamities. Moreover, only administrators really should have access to the server and the other users should simply be able to access it with limitations to particular data and knowledge. While configuring the server, you should make sure that it really is clear of intrusion and it doesn’t allow software downloading in order to avoid any security breach or data loss.

Considering the above-discussed details of OS and network security it will become imperative for those home users and also small and medium-sized enterprises to take appropriate security measures to prevent online threats to be able to protect the main system and also networks.