Online Security: How to Ensure Your Business is Protected

Cybercrime statistics don’t lie, from the past years, there has been a rapid growth in malicious online criminality and rapid responses to data thefts and online fraud. It is estimated that it costs the global economy as much as $600 billion a year. It has been a major problem in the business industry as many companies fall into victims of cybercrime such as malware infection, data hacking and data breaches.

To avoid such loses and further problems, we have come up with a few ways on how to ensure that your business is well protected.




Not all data are the same. If you’re starting your business, it is important to know what data is sensitive and crucial. Determine where your data is used and where it is placed. Be sure to make an audit and consider what may happen if a data breach were to occur.

Don’t settle for less and ignore data that are less risky, instead, prioritize on improving your security efforts appropriately. High-risk data needs to be properly secured that is to say you need to invest resources and money in it.



Passwords are the basis of any security system, still making sure that they are secured and administered is difficult. Luckily, there are free services out there such as LastPass that helps generate and manage passwords. LastPass and such services offer business upgrades that are affordable and has all the basic security options you’ll need. For instance, you can make password sharing convenient for staffs, or create customized policies to limit the access to particular devices, areas, and groups.




Everyone in your business needs to understand security policy and learn the importance of it. You don’t have to invest a lot of cash for education, you just have to teach your staffs regarding induction programs and consider refreshers to regular employees to update them with changes – threats included. It only takes a few hours of the week to educate your employees on how security plays an important role in your business. Keep in mind that education is as important as a tool to prevent cybercrime and for this reason, be sure to implement every single employee about your security rules.



A basic part of any business IT security policy is a formal documentation that is regularly updated instead of leaving it in the drawer. It is necessary to plan out on how you can protect your data and resources, and what you can do if the worst case scenario happens.

The best IT security policy that you can do is to be prepared for what’s going to happen. Planning an incident-response strategy is far greater than panicking the moment an accident happens.


We hope that this article helped ensure your business is getting the proper security tactics about cybercrime and data protection.